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talking about global warming? >> let's talk about jamie foxx. >> yeah, okay. he's a hypocrite. >> how is he a hypocrite? >> he says this film does -- >> he did not say that. >> yes, he did. >> he did not say that. he said there's an influence in our society. >> sean: i may surprise you. i don't believe -- i don't believe that video games and movies are the cause of what happened. >> i don't, either. >> you're the one last week who wanted buck wild to be taken off the air. >> sean: no, i did not say that. >> you were opposed to some wild raram bungrambunctious teens. >teens. >> sean: i said it was dangerous and i wouldn't make money off it. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> this is a fox news alert. the state department just a short time ago releasing their internal report on the benghazi terror attack. that report coming from the state department's own accountability review board. fox news chief intelligence
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correspondent catherine herridge is combing through the report. she'll be here straight ahead. first, are we getting any closer to answers in the newtown, connecticut elementary school massacre? >> we're hearing from connecticut state police saying they have very good evidence, it's a quote now, that could answer questions about adam lanza's motive. >> we've learned some things in particular, that he tried desperately to cover his tracks before his murderous rampage, smashing his computer hard drive, according to some police sources, making it much more difficult to read his electronic data trail that he left behind. >> we haven't articulated any definitive information about anything that was seized with the exception of the weaponry that was recovered and seized in this case. everything else is simply not being discussed publicly. >> we now have a possible motive for friday's shooting exclusively on our website. fox reports that adam lanza may have snapped because his mother
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was planning to commit him to a psychiatric facility. we have gathered a great deal of evidence from the secondary crime scene which was a private residence and certainly we've amassed a great deal of evidence at the main crime scene where so many people lost their lives. >> this comes from a live long resident of sandy hook who was a u.s. marine whose father is a pastor in town. he said he knew nancy and adam. he sa said adam was jealous of e time nancy spent volunteering at sandy hook, that she loved the school more than him, that the scrimmagevictims were kids thatt time with last year. she was petitioning the court for conserve torship which is a necessary step in institutionalizing a person against their will. according to the heart fo hart d current, the investigation of the home that adam shared with his mom, nancy, found no evidence that he was taking any
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medication. now, authorities are also using search warrants to on the medical records. for now, the word of adam's asperger's condition, a form of autism, comes from interviews and statements his mom made before he was killed and comes from other family members and divorce documents. >> new information tonight about the sandy hook elementary shooter. yes, the killer. police telling us now how adam lanza may have covered his tracks before the killing spree. fox news correspondent molly lyons joins us. >> reporter: we're getting more information about the motive. the reporter, onna winter, had a chance to speak with a lifelong resident. a u.s. marine, 25 years old, with knowledge not of just the family but of the community in general. he said there's word the mother may have been looking into the polt of puttin possibig her son into a psychiatric facility and he was aware of the petition she was making to the court and he thought she just
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wanted to send him away. senior law enforcement officials confirms the gunman's anger at his mother over man plans for qe his future mental treatment, but no confirmation was able to be found from court officials. they told that this information as far as the court is concerned is sealed. there's also information that the shooter's mother may have actually been friends with the principal and the psychologist at sandy hook elementary and that she was a volunteer there and he believed she may have possibly cared more for the children than she did for himself. the connecticut post also reporting that those medications that police and investigators may have been looking for at the house to explain the shooter's medical condition, but absolutely nothing was found as far as that is concerned. finally, investigators are also looking into the computer that was found on scene. there are multiple reports from investigators that this computer may have been smashed and that could make it more difficult to
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actually get information from the computer andt video games and cell phones were also found in the home and that investigators will be looking into that as well. greta? >> molly. the thing i'm curious about in addition to what you just reported is what was he doing in the days leading up to this? has anyone come forward yet and said i saw him, i talked to him, anything al at all? >> reporter: there's shockingly little information from friends of his, from family members, from anyone that's come forward as to where he was in the day prior, in the days prior to the shooting. interestingly enough, he has been described repeatedly as a bit of a reclues, someone who wasn't very social and had a lot of difficulty socializing. we may not have people coming forward to say where he was in those days before. apparently he liked to spend a lot of time at home. >> greta? >> molly, thank you. >> thank you. he shot out the glass. >> that is sherry burton, a
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sandy hook teacher's assistant who called 911 moments after hearing the first horrifying shots. tonight she tells our griff general kins how she kept 16 students safe as gunman adam lanza began his cruel shooting spree. >> i called 9-1-1 and they said they had some calls come through already and they asked me to describe what i was hearing. at that time all i was hearing was pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. it wasn't stopping, and he said do you think it's gunshots, and i said i think it's gunshots. at that time i did not realize that our teacher could not lock our door, but she had saw the custodian. she said our door won't lock, and he shooed her into the room and she closed the door. he came in the hallway and locked our doors, so now our doors are locked and i'm sitting on the floor. i'm as close as i cap be and our students are huddled, and the
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shooting wasn't stopping. the loud speaker tripped, and i thought i heard barbara, our secretary, and i believe what i heard was oh, my god, and some crying, and then the phone went down with the loud speaker still on, and i could hear the shooting from the door, but i could hear it through the loud speaker. it was -- you could hear both, like i don't know where i was, and it didn't sound like it was coming our direction, but it was going on and on. i was on the phone with 9-1-1, and my phone beeped and a text came in and my immediate reaction was oh, my god, it's my children. they are first responders with the sandy hook volunteer fire and rescue, and i knew they were worried, and so the 9-1-1 caller
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said -- he said i'm going to put you on hold for a minute, ma'am, there's lots of calls coming in. as long as your safe, and again, they asked me how many people were in the room. i said there's 16 children and two adults, and we are safe now. i said when is someone coming? is someone coming soon? he put me on hold. when he put me on hold, i come up because i wanted to text my children. my text -- my phones were going off. my son was in lockdown at the high school. my daughter was a first responder. she actually hadn't gotten the call yet. she wanted to know why i didn't leave her the car, and she was home from college. so i said lockdown shooter in school, i'm okay. that's all i could manage to type. and then i texted my son i'm okay. i don't know. it seemed like it went on for a really long time. i called 9-1-1 back and i got a woman this time, and i asked when was help coming, the shooting was still going on. i heard the shooting stop
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briefly, and then start again. >> how long of a period of shooting do you think you heard? >> 20 minutes, 25 minutes, you know, it seemed forever. >> what did it sound like? you said it stopped for a moment. >> it was eeriely quiet, you know. you would hear nothing and then you heard the pop, pop, pop, pop. i mean, it just -- you know, all i could think of was of my co-workers and my friends and children. i didn't know. at what point someone shook our door, but they didn't say anything, so i don't know who it was. i don't believe the shooter was ever in our side of the building. i know that our custodian had stayed in our hallway out the entire time, and when the police stormed or came in, i heard the conflict, you know, he was
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trying to explain to them that he was the custodian, and i could hear that. i could hear the yelling between the two of them, you know, the police are coming in. the first time the police shook our door and said police, open up, i looked at my co-teacher, my -- my teacher, you know, my supervisor, and i shook my head because it was one person, you know. i didn't think we should open the door, and then moments later i could hear several police officers, and i could hear the next classroom, and i could hear some crying, and i could hear them being led out, so then i looked at my teacher and she opened the door, and the police officers were there, and we -- they lined the hallways and all we saw was them looking at us and we held our children's hands and we raced through the back of the building. they led us out the back, and we went to the fire house.
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>> the custodian was essentially just standing guard for your classroom. >> i believe so. yes. i believe him and barbara played a huge part in saving many of the lives. >> barbara is the secretary. >> she is. >> she was on the intercom. >> yes. i believe. i don't know for sure. >> i believe i heard her trip the intercom. >> and you thought perhaps she had not survived. >> i thought -- yes, yeah. >> you later found out. >> tha that she was okay. because her daughters are my friends, and so when i saw her daughter who was a first responder, i thought that her mom had died, and i didn't know what to say to her, and she said i can't talk to you, and i said okay. >> now back to the search for clues. many of them, police say, are gone. before killer adam lanza embarked on his vicious killing spree, he destroyed his computer hard drive. what clues might be on the hard
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drive. lapd detective mark fuhrman joins us. in terms of investigation, at this point what do we need to know and why? we know who did it, and he's dead. there's no suspicion that there is a co-conspirator out there or that he had help. yet, you know, we're obsessively going after this. why? >> well, greta, you have to do it just as a matter of protocol. you have to match up all the ballistics for every bullet that's comparable to that fire arm. you have to do that. you have to do the forensics, the toxicology on the shooter, make sure the shooter's gun was actually the gun that was used to kill himself. you have to put all these pieces of the puzzle together because you really don't know where this is going to go. you don't know if somebody could have actually been in contact with adam lanza and actually gave him the idea or was in a chat room and really kind of prodded him into this crime.
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you don't know where it's going, and i think that's why they're so aggressive. >> all right. what could possibly be on the hard drive? why are they looking at the hard drive? >> well, we'll all agree that if it's destroyed, adam lanza is the one that destroyed it. certainly he's trying to hide something, perhaps he's trying to hide that his mother was going to have him committed and he found it on the computer somewhere. perhaps he has been contacting people or he actually went on to websites that he doesn't want anybody to think that he did this, that he planned this or anything else, but there's obviously something on that computer hard drive that in his mind was so important to destroy before he left to go to the school. >> the thing i want to know, i want to know about his thursday, wednesday, tuesday, and monday. that's what i want to know. where was he? who was he talking to? what was he doing? >> well, i think that's one way you'll find out. he stayed at home a lot.
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his only comiewdge communicatiol phone and a computer. they do have the cell phone information by now and they probably have a lot of information from the computer web server or web browser, but i would agree with you. what is he doing during this time? is he going -- is he acquiring ammunition? additional magazines? is he getting a tactical vest? is he doing things to supply the crime or was this all spontaneous? did he kill his mom during an act of rage, and after he did this realizing that he's going to go out in a flame of glory or immortality or however his twisted mind would think it, but i agree with you. i would like to know what happened the days prior to this. >> mark, thank you as always. >> thank you. >> and a painful sight on friday, a group of six kids run up to a man shouting we can't go back to school, our teacher is dead. gene rosen just returning home
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for a walk when the children showed up in his driveway, the children racing away from sandy hook elementary. this was after the gunfire, of course, had erupted. mr. rosen told our griff jenkins how he managed to keep the children safe as the chaos continued to unfold. >> one boy started crying, and he kept saying we can't go back to the school, we can't go back to the school, our teacher's gone, our teacher's gone, and then the other one said mrs. soto's gone, we can't go back to the school. we don't have a teacher, and that went on for about 20, 30 seconds, and i think one of them said our teacher's dead. mrs. soto is dead. i could not take that in. i could not hear what they were saying, but i listened to not amend or question or challenge what they were saying. i listened, and they kept talking, and i think it was one of the little girls that said there was blood coming from her
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mouth, and then she was on the ground, and then the two little boys said he had a big gun and a little gun, he had a big gun and a little gun. they had fear on their face. we tried to call their parents. they gave me their numbers. oh, here's my number, but they were home numbers. they got answering machines. >> so you weren't able to contact any of the parents? >> right, except the school bus drivers had the presence of mind to call her supervisor who knew the names of the children and had the contact information, and they called up, and little by little the parents started coming. >> i believe a parent or two may have come here thinking maybe their child was here. >> a knock on the door, and i saw a woman whose face was froze frozen in fear, and she said i heard the there were six kids h, and she named her child. she was such an attractive woman, but her face was frozen
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in fear. she looked like stone, and i said no, he's not here, but let's go down to the fire house and look, and i know she had been down there, i think, and this sweet boy had perished. he had perished. i saw his name on the list, and so i want to see her at some point and i want to hold her and tell her that i wish i could have given her her son to her. it was the most helpless feeling that i had because the six other parents had their children, and she was begging for some miracle as i was, and her son had perished. it will be in my heart forever. >> straight ahead, where is the obama administration? a u.s. marine chained to a bed in a mexican prison. our government could step in but has not. another group wants the marine
10:18 pm
freed, and here's the interesting twist. no one in the other group is an american. who is this group, and why are they stepping in? that's next. also, the head of a medical device company is here. he e-mailed me the other day that he didn't like what i said about the 17 democrats who voted for obama care. noso only fair we invite him too on the record. plus, rush limbaugh warns there's a plan to, quote, des mate the republican party. who does rush say is behind the plan and why does he say republicans should be careful? republicans should be careful? rush coming up. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>> greta: a u.s. marine chained to a bed in a mexican prison. he was arrested in august for carrying his registered gun. now the people of mexico, not
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the united states, trying to free him. the vice president of a group that represents business in northern mexico joins us. how are you? >> very good. >> greta: why are you, not an american, but mexican, why are you willing to help this man out? >> we have similar reasons. the most important, because we think it's the right thing to do, that this incident has been going too far. also because we believe that it doesn't promote a good image about our country, doesn't help to promote the tourists growing charge he's been charged with, that he brought a gun into mexico, he announced he was bringing it in, but that the people arrested him said that the barrel was too short, and there's been argument over the measurement. in your opinion, is this a trumped-up charge, being hit harder than somebody else who might have a similar situation?
10:23 pm
>> that's difficult to tell, but this is i think it's gone too far, and in our opinion understander be returned immediately after he declared rightful to the customs, instead he was sent to jail, facing tough years in jail. it's not acceptable. >> greta: have you contacted -- how high up in the mexican government have you tried to make contact? >> we make a public calls to the president of mexico to pardon him, take into consideration the details of this case. we really believe that the president wants to show goodwill to the united states, and we believe also that we have more important issues. we need to show a goodwill to the u.s. >> greta: all right. and you have had any response indicating that mexico intends to release him? >> well, the only official statement that i'm aware of so far is a letter that the mexican
10:24 pm
ambassador in washington sent to the family. after that, they've been low key, and i think they are considering their options. i know it's a very difficult issue, very sensitive issue on both sides of the borders, but we hope that the president will intervene in favor of releasing this gentleman very soon. >> greta: you know, chaining someone in a prison is really beyond the pale. i mean have you any thoughts on that? that is by far the most offensive part of this, bev sides the fact the united states government seems to be sitting on its hands on it. any thoughts on chaining a marine in a mexican prison? >> we have to take into consideration that at the request of his lawyer he was transferred to the mainstream of the jail, so i believe it's for
10:25 pm
his own good that he's chained. the picture is no good. it's a topic that's justified, but also kind of difficult to judge. >> greta: well, it's not difficult for me. anyway, thank you, sir, for helping us. good luck on getting our american marine out of the jail. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, did you hear what rush limbaugh is saying about the republicans? and why plan b is a bad idea. we'll tell you why. and breaking news out of the state department. just minutes ago, fox's katherine harridge will tell you what
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joins us on the phone. i know you've been looking at the report. tell us. >> there's several things that jump out at me, greta. first and foremost, it does appear very critical of the state department. it says there were systemic failures at senior levels of the state department, which led to grossly inadequate security in benghazi. what caught my attention, it
10:30 pm
says that the embassy in tripoli should have done more to advocate for security at the consulate in benghazi. chris stevens is not here to answer for him. it also says there was real knowledge among people on the ground that the security conditions were inadequate, but that it was not a priority in washington, and as we've documented on your broadcast there was ay%(dby steady streamf events leading up to the attack on 9/11 that shows security was deteriorating, but at the same time the state department increasingly was relying on the u to be inadequate on 9/11, and also a group that had unarmed guards at the consulate on the night of the attack. >> greta: what truck me, i thought the report was weak, bland. it says "at senior levels." i don't know what that means.
10:31 pm
it doesn't give me much information. >> right. >> greta: then it starts out, has a quote "those who cannot remember the pass are condemned to repeat it." then quotes from a mob scene, a paragraph. i thought it was black. even more interesting is this letter tonight from secretary of state hillary clinton to the committee on foreign relations, senator john kerry, and also in the house, and in that she said in the first hours and days after the terrorist attack they were having conversations about al-qaeda. where in the world is this video stuff coming up? i mean, there's still a lot of unanswered questions. i assume we'll get in the days and weeks to come with the hearings, right? >> i agree with your assessment. this unclassified version does bland. what::f caught my attention ae end of the document, is that it talks about the culpability of
10:32 pm
the officials in the state department. were four americans are dead. i'll quote from the report. it says, "the board did not find involved in misconduct, and therefore the report does not recommend any disciplinary action." so four americans are dead, no names are named, and no one's getting any disciplinary action. >> greta: catherine, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: okay. time is up. well, or almost. the fiscal cliff is fast approaching. speaker john boehner has a plan. >> i continue to have hope we can reach a broader agreement with the white house that would reduce spending as well as revenues on the table. >> greta: what is president obama's plan?
10:33 pm
rush limbaugh says it's a secret plan to decimate the republican party. here's rush limbaugh. >> the president, who will have engineered all of this, will then be able to steal from the republicans that which they are known for, a strong defense and low taxes. and in the process the president and his party will effectively decimate the republican party. that will make a lot of people very happy. hollywood, warren buffett, oprah, david letterman, you know, all your favorite people. what boehner is trying to do -- i don't know it's going to work, but i think offering this million dollar umbrella is essentially taking the revenue issue off the table by agreeing to it, and then the efforts to
10:34 pm
focus the democrats on spending. now dinghy hairy, the wiley old coyote here has refused to be trapped. the house bill will not protect middle class families because it can't pass both houses of congress, meaning he won't let it be voted on in the senate. that's what he's saying. so the democrats are holding middle class tax cuts hostage i guess what is happening. no one's going to report it. >> greta: are democrats trying to hold middle class tax cuts hostage? also what the republicans do? should house republicans cave? a simple two-wonder response coming from one republican congressman "hell no." he does not like speaker boehner's plan b. you don't like plan b?
10:35 pm
>> i do not. as has been explained in the media all today, the president said he reject the plan. plan. will be a plan on the table in the senate. i haven't understood this entire time why we don't have a real plan. the president talked about a balanced approach. i disagree with his balance, but ( lisagree with his balance, but spending cuts for every $1 in it. he talked it for two years. now the firesafe is not a one-on-one plan. we're not even -- >> greta: have you spoken to your leadership, to speaker >> i've spoken to all of them. >> greta: they say what? >> we have to continue to work. the deal%ril)w with speaker boe,
10:36 pm
he's a really good man. when he goes to the white house to negotiate with president obama, eugene assumes that he has a willing partner at the other side of the table who's negotiating with him in good faith. >> greta: do you like this $1 million? >> i don't like any of the offers made. i'm a conservative. >> bret: you think the president is not -- you don't agree with. why should a good man make the offer you don't like? >> because i think boehner las continued to work in doc under the assumption that everybody is working in good faith. >> greta: why is he asking you to vote on something that the president has rejected, the senate has rejected and -- >> i don't understand that request. that particular request i don't understand. i think we should be voting on what we believe in as republicans. we need to reduce taxes to reduce spending so we can actually bring this fiscal house in order.
10:37 pm
we have a $16 trillion debt. every single year we're adding a trillion dollars in deficits. >> greta: what do you think's going to happen? >> we'll be here until christmas eve. there will be a deal worked out between john boehner and the boehner, and i think a lot of us won't like it, and some people will vote for it and -- >> greta: but it will pass? >> it will pass, because you'll have "combination of republicans and democrats voting it. >> greta: thank you, sir. coming up, an american journalist freed after being kidnapped in syria. his terrifying story straight ahead. and a sixth grader takes a gun this holiday, share everything.
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10:40 pm
says he threatened her daughter. >> i was, like, oh, my god. >> he pointed the gun to my head and told me he was going to kill me. >> he said his parents gave it to him for protection because of what happened in connecticut. >> greta: the parents claim the .22-caliber handgun was left at the boy's home by a relative. the family insists the boy found the gun and took it to school. now the 11-year-old has been expelled from school. tell us what you think about this story. go to and tell us. we're back in two. okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you. next, we get priory boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm anita vogel. dick sporty goods making changes to its gun sales in the week of the deadly shooting in
10:43 pm
connecticut. it has removed all guns from its stored close to newtown and it's suspending the sales of some semi-automatic rifles nationwide, out of respect for the victims and their families. the shooting at sandy hook killed 20 children and 6 adults. late u.s. senator daniel inouye will lie in state in a capitol rotunda on thursday. the 88-year-old democrat died on monday at walter reid national medical center. he served 50 years in the senate, making him the longest running senate member ever. i'm anita vogel, now back to greta and "on the record." for all of your headlines, go to journalist and his crew kidnapped five days ago in syria, but there's good news. they are free tonight. abc's richard engel and his crew were traveling with a group of syrian rebels when gunman
10:44 pm
sympathetic to the syrian government attacked them. now they are free. earlier richard engel spoke to the turkish media. >> the last five days were very difficult. we're very happy to be out. we're very happy to be back in turkey. we love being here. we love this country. we appreciate all the help. the last five days are some days that we would hear forget. if you can understand, we just came out now. we haven't even left yet. we're very tired. so we'll probably be talking more in the coming days. thank you for being here. thanks to everyone. we're really happy. >> greta: engle and his crew were not hurt physically during the ordeal, but they were mentally tortured and explained the traumatic teens on "the today show." >> a group of gunmen literally
10:45 pm
jumped out of the trees and bushes on the side of the road. there were probably 15 gunmen. they were wearing ski masks. they were heavily armed. they dragged us out of the car. they had a container truck positioned waiting by the side of the road. they put is into the container truck. we were with some gunmen, rebels escorting us. they executed one of them on the spot. then they took us to a series of safe houses and interrogation places and they kept us blindfolded, bound. we weren't physically beaten or tortured. it was a lot of psychological torture. threats of being killed. they made us choose which one of us would be shot first. when we refused, there were mock shootings. they presented to shoot several times. and when you're blindfolded -- they fired a gun up in the air. kit be a traumatic experience. >> greta: we will post more of richard engel's interview on
10:46 pm the fast and furious scandal not over. cbs news reporting a gun found at the murder scene of a mexican beauty queen and four others is part of the fast and furious gun walking scandal. we're in mexico city. james, what is the information tonight about the tide of fast and furious in this murder? >> well, basically, the gun has been traced back to fast and furious. they originally tried to link it to the beauty queen, testing her fingers for powder residue. we haven't heard the results of it, but if it had been positive we would have heard obviously. it's just one of many guns that came into mexico, more than 1,400 guns. i mean, they've lost most of them. we're also getting information from the new administration about the situation. it's not -- i mean, the
10:47 pm
situation as it really is rather than we thought it was. when i say that, i mean in the last administration, they were talking about major drug cartels, but the last administration specifically went after the leadership of cartels, and said 25 of the 37 major cartel leaders had either been arrested or killed. the current administration saying that considerably worsened the situation, because then what happened the cartel splintered into many different cartels, and basically what's happened now is that they're saying they're looking at between 60 and 80 drug cartels, smaller or medium-sized. that quantifies the problem in distributing guns and trying to trace them in a country like mexico that's in the midst of a drug car in the seventh year of the drug war. >> greta: i'm curious, the new president is -- is this going to
10:48 pm
be -- is he going to take a different approach than president calderon? >> yes, he is, greta. very different approach. calderon went after the drug cartel leaders. what he's saying, he's going to try a policy of crime prevention, specifically concentrate units of federal police, and also create a new type of military police. their aim is to go after and prevent rather than react to homicides. also other aspects, such as kidnapping and extortion. >> greta: james, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, the head of a medical device company is here. he says obamacare could cost his company jobs. that's next. [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments.
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>> greta: a special guest tonight, andre dimino, the head of a medical device company. he emailed me what he did not like what i said the other night about the 17 democratic senators who voted for the taxes on medical devices under the new obamacare law, but don't want their constituents to pay that tax, and the democrat senators
10:53 pm
ask for a special tax. hunthank you for joining me. where am i wrong? >> you positioned it as if it was a special interest group, but candidly this new medical device excise tax, if you want to call it a special interest group, that's all americans, because unfortunately this tax specifically targets one industry that's been a world leader in innovation and manufacturing, and it's going to hurt that industry with a lot of jobs lost and innovation being killed. >> greta: all right. a couple things. one is i went and looked at some companies. in 2011, stryker had earnings of $1.3 billion, the ceo made $9.5 million. nothing against success, but he doesn't look like he's hurting. st. jude, ceo compensation package, 6.6 million. that's not bad. the other thing i'm particularly offended that democratic
10:54 pm
senators didn't bother to read the statue, just voted for it. i'm a little bit offended they voted for something and complain about it later. special treatment, look, your industry, i don't want you to suffer at all. i wish you enormous success, but according to the white house, with obamacare, more people are going to need medical devices, say it's going to boom your business. i don't believe that, but that's what the hous white house says,d if they give you a waiver taxes will go up on the middle class. nobody wins. i don't have the answer, but it's a mess. if the senators bothered to read it before they voted for it, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess. >> that's exactly right. you mentioned the giants in the medical99g device industry. they may not care about this, but of the 2 million jobs supported by the medical device industry 80% are in companies with 50 employees or less. believe me, this is a small industry when you look at that. all of this small innovation is
10:55 pm
killed by the tax. of all things, this is certainly a job-killing tax and innovation-killing tax, and really an american killing tax. the senators now having second thoughts, i wish they would have read the bill, but right now we do need the rest of the senators to repeal this tax. this is not something we should destroy. this industry has been a leader in the world, and i'm fighting to keep good manufacturing and engineering jobs in the usa. i hope they repeal this discriminatory tax. >> greta: as noted, i wish you the best of luck and great success. once again, if they'd bothered to do their work, the american people just asking them, do your work. the idea you vote for something without bothering to read it is beyond me. anyway, good luck in your endeavor. thank you for joining us. i appreciate your email, sir. >> appreciate you having me on.
10:56 pm
>> greta: coming up, your last call. a christmas classic performed with a twist. a one-of-a-kind rendition of "carol of the bells." "carol of the bells." that's next. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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